Permaculture Sundays


In recent years it has become clearer and clearer that our actions need to start working with nature rather than against it. The dream of a better world in our own neighbourhoods is becoming stronger, and the need to gain new skills and use new ideas to do that becomes ever more pressing. Permaculture, at its core is a method of combining ecological awareness and interaction with neighbours to improve our surroundings.

This workshop series will take participants through the basics of Permaculture and explore its principles in practice.

We will cover:
* A silent revolution, disguised as gardening: Permaculture.
* Permaculture as a positive answer to the ecological and social challenges of our time.
* A new way to look at and understand relationships, both in society and in ecology.
* Successful methods to integrate the wisdom of nature and traditional and indigenous knowledge with modern science, while creating a better life for us, our neighbourhood and ultimately the world.

Sunday 28th June 2022, 
Sunday 12th July 2022, 
Sunday 26th July 2022, 
@ GartenLabor, Braunschweiger Str., 12055, Neukölln

Our workshops are donation-based.

In three consecutive sessions we want to learn and experiment with you:

Session 1) How to recognize soil quality everywhere, with an introduction to permaculture.
Session 2) How to improve degraded soil everywhere: Mulch and compost
Session 3) Permaculture Design principles and collective tree planting!

Participation in all the sessions is not necessary and there is no need to book a spot. If you want to let us know you are coming, then please choose one of the three dates available and then click on the ‘going’ button. Or simply send us a message.

What you can bring:
* Your Eyes and fingers
* Empty Jam Jars
* Kitchen knives
* Spade or little shovel
* Pen and paper if you like to take notes
* Snacks and drinks
* Curiosity and good mood

Looking forward to seeing you!