Welcome to Feld Food Forest!

We are establishing a self-sustaining food forest that fosters a healthy community, healthy people, and a healthy environment on the former airfield of Tempelhofer Feld in the heart of Berlin.

Since 2020 we share and spread knowledge around permaculture, food and soil regeneration.

Upcoming Events

Anstehende Termine

If you are curious or want to join the garden, just come to one of our events. If not specified otherwise, events are open to everyone and take place in the Westfeld Garten on Tempelhofer Feld, right by the entrance of U6 Paradestra├če. See you there!

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photo of the west feld garten area on Tempelhofer feld

Westfeld Garten

Ten organizations, coordinated by Feld Food Forest e.V., are collaborating to create a special kind of community garden, a self-sustaining ecosystem, a so-called “forest garden”. Trees and other plants are combined, inspired by the layers of a natural forest. This fosters biodiversity regenerates the soil and produces yields for people and animals.

The Westfeld Garten (WFG) wants to be a space for experimentation and knowledge exchange around permaculture, sustainability, and food. A place where citizens become active participants in the creation of a livable city.

Open Soil Atlas

We are creating a detailed map of the soil quality in Berlin. This will be an important instrument to track and evaluate the impacts of ecological initiatives across the city. By educating citizens to take their own soil tests, we want to raise awareness for the importance of this important resource, and inspire regenerative practices for the health of our common society and soil.