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Take a closer look at the workshops and projects we've brought to life.

Friss deine Parklücke

In collaboration with Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V. we constructed and planted an edible garden in a 1 x 2 m trailer in Schillerkiez, Neukölln using Permaculture Design principles:

  • 22.11.19 - Kick off meeting

  • 20.12.19 - Manually moving the trailer 8 km

  • 15.03.20 - Design workshop

  • 28.05.20 - Construction workshop

  • 16.06.20 - Planting workshop

  • June 2020 onwards - Volunteer-based maintenance & gardening




In this exciting three-part workshop series, we invited friends and neighbours to come together and explore foundational elements of Permaculture through a mix of theoretical learning and hands-on exercises:

  • Session 1 - Introduction to Permaculture: How to recognise soil quality everywhere

  • Session 2 - Mulch & compost: How to improve degraded soil everywhere

  • Session 3 - Permaculture Design principles & collective tree planting

All three sessions took place at GartenLabor, an open community garden located in Braunschweigerstrasse in Neukölln.

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